Heartworm Disease & Prevention: An Exploration of Infographics

I work at a veterinary hospital and I decided to create an infographic about Heartworm Disease and Prevention. We’re currently in a transition phase where new leadership is taking over and we’re making some changes. One of these changes is to be more informative to clients and advertise more which is half the reason I’m taking this and my Social Media class. Although it has a lot of room for improvement, I decided to use a class assignment to my advantage and create something I could use as a starting point for something work-related.

The infographic I created gives a short explanation of what heartworm disease is, how the life cycle of the disease works, and compares different prevention options. Choosing heartworm prevention can be confusing to new owners so the chart I made simplifies it.

Unfortunately, the more I got into the project, the less information I was able to find so I don’t have any solid statistics or numbers to display. I’d like to actually work on this more and actually be able to use it for work. Please post any tips or ideas you have!



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