Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting my page! My name is Amanda Pierson and I am currently a student at Middlesex Community College. At this time, I am taking classes to gain a better understanding of the world of communications in the hopes to find a career path in this field.

I’ve been on this college journey for six years now trying to find my niche. I started as a Psychology major and quickly migrated to Graphic Design. After studying art for five years, I finally decided I wanted a more stable career in something that could hopefully bridge my love for graphic design with something along the lines of marketing or public relations. I hope to transfer to a 4-year university in the fall of 2016 and pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

While going to school part time, I also work full time as a Veterinary Technician at Pet Shield Veterinary Hospital in North Branford, CT.  I started there as a kennel assistant helping to clean up and keep things organized. After a year of hard work, I was promoted and trained to work with the animals and clients. I’ve learned more than I could have ever learned in a classroom and enjoy getting up and going to work every day.

Cody at Elizabeth Park, Hartford, CT

Cody at Elizabeth Park, Hartford, CT

As you could probably guess from working as a Veterinary Technician, I love animals. My dog is my world. I am a proud pet parent to a beautiful black Labrador/coonhound mix named Cody. I rescued him from a puppy mill down south when he was 3 months old. Now he is 4 years old and the love of my life. He enjoys long naps and snuggling under the covers (who could blame him?), oh and who can forget food? He is very food motivated and will do anything you ask for a cookie.

I’m also a pet parent to another dog named Lacy, a 14-year-old black Labrador/border collie mix and two domestic short hair cats named Gavin and Marley. I’ve had Lacy since she was 8 weeks old but she recently went to live with my mom. Gavin is 17 years old and I’ve had him since I was 10 years old (14 years).  Marley came into my life later and only interacts on his terms.

When I’m not saving puppies at work or playing with my pup at home, I enjoy watching Law & Order: SVU, cooking/eating food, and hanging with friends. I plan to get more involved in animal rescue work and someday maybe even own my own shelter or rehabilitation center for animals.

I’d like to travel the world, especially to Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa. I also enjoy house-sitting and pet-sitting for clients, family, and friends (plus, the money’s pretty decent).

I love my car and spend as much time driving as possible. I also love race cars and racing events. I have a sick obsession with The Joker (Heath Ledger, rest in peace) from The Dark Knight and love this scene. My favorite color is purple, my favorite animal is an elephant, and my favorite food changes from week to week.

Any questions or want to know more, just leave a comment. Thanks for viewing!


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